Meeting of the Exes

When a model comes home from another failed attempt at romance, she stumbles into a long overdue reality check from those she would least expect. Check out this summer's hottest new award-winning short film and Walthour Entertainment's inaugural project.










Director, Producer & Writer: Mitchell Walthour Jr.

Assistant Director: Steven E. Serrano

Associate Director: Rayquan Whitehead


Cinematographer & Editor: Steve E. Serrano

Sound Recording: Isaiah Toussaint


Angel Miri... "Tasha"

Andre Champagnie... "Keith"

James Cochran... "Marquise"

Alex Fowler... "Omari"

Hennessy Pearson... "Cairo"

Phil Thezan... "Javon"

Keymah White... "Nate"

Rayquan Whitehead... "Brandon"

Photography by Steve E. Serrano

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Reaction: Mario B & Nicole

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